Week 39: Cider Apple Cake

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Serves 8 Autumn comes with an abundance of apples, from cooking to culinary we are never short of keeping the doctor away. It is difficult to put all of our apples to good use but this uses them fresh and alcoholic. The cider adds an extra dimension to the cake, however if you want to make it child friendly substitute ... Read More

Week 38: Hungarian Harvest Stew

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Serves 6 When you think that your beans and courgettes are past it, think again. This dish brings together the last gleams of the summer and elevates them to new heights. Hungarian spices are the perfect pairing in this stew; sweet paprika really enhances this dish so it is worth looking out for, it will be a life long friend ... Read More

Week 37: Plum Cobbler

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Serves 8 September surely is the most bountiful month as summer and winter produce are delivered together. You can crunch on a runner bean and tuck into a rosy red apple, bliss. The weather, however, is very much Autumnal, so I thought it only fitting to use our beautiful plums in a nourishing cozy pudding. You can use any soft ... Read More

Week 36: Tomato Ketchup

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Makes 8 Bottles Ketchup, I imagine, can be found in pretty much all store cupboards through out the UK. It can grace the table at every meal, but who needs Heinz when you can make your own? By making a big batch you can keep yourself stocked up thought the year. It is simple, be sure to make it with ... Read More