Week 51: Rich Beef Stew with Horseradish Dumplings

Alice NeillWeekly Recipes, Winter0 Comments

Serves 6 This recipe is simple, comforting and packed full of flavour. The horseradish dumplings add a little twist to this classic dish but add a whole new level of tasty. If you are using fresh horseradish, don't add as much or it will blow your head off. The key thing to this dish is keeping the components chunky; because ... Read More

Week 38: Hungarian Harvest Stew

Alice NeillAutumn0 Comments

Serves 6 When you think that your beans and courgettes are past it, think again. This dish brings together the last gleams of the summer and elevates them to new heights. Hungarian spices are the perfect pairing in this stew; sweet paprika really enhances this dish so it is worth looking out for, it will be a life long friend ... Read More